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We want to see your great idea! While we prefer to have an Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop image to review, this shouldn’t stop you. If you’ve got an idea for a T-shirt, hat, phone case, etc. just sketch it out. Scan your sketch or take a high resolution picture of your great idea and send it to us.

And if we use it, we’ll pay you!

That’s right!


If we think other people will like your idea, we will send you one product with your design, and we will give you 50% of the profits. This way you can show all your friends and family what an awesome designer you are. And once a month we will deposit your share of the profits to whatever designated account you choose. It’s that simple.

What should I design?

You can design anything you want. If you’ve got a great idea we’ll put it on anything. We are looking for messages of hope, Christianity and Bible based designs, conservative political views, and almost anything that you think will send a positive message. All ideas will be checked for copyright, so no cheating please… LOL. But here is a short list of current items we would sell.




Baseball Caps


Coffee Mugs


Phone Cases


Laptop Sleeves


Tote Bags

If you have any questions or you're ready to upload a design idea, please contact us first.

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