The hammer and fickle

It boggles the mind, how in the 21st century, the left will still defend, with a serious face, the ideology responsible for the largest democide on earth. Democide being a term coined by R. J. Rummel defined as “the murder or genocide of a people by it’s government”. So one must ask, why is it being promulgated so effectively to the point where it is believed by huge swathes of the population?

In my opinion, it’s because it sounds appealing to the ill-informed. Buzzwords like “equality” and “fairness” are often used, however if those claiming that communism promotes equality OR fairness are either ill-informed, being intellectually dishonest or are lying out of outright malevolence.

Somewhere around 94 million people were murdered in the 20th century in China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan which easily dwarfs the total number of people killed by fascist regimes. In China, chairman Mao’s great leap forward killed 74 million alone which is greater than the total death toll of World War 2.

Not only does communism have the greatest death toll of all, it also has a tragic history of human rights abuses on top of it’s wholesale slaughter of it’s own citizens. In 1933 Joseph Stalin re-criminalized homosexuality which led to the jailing of homosexual men. It is even more ironic that the LGBT community in the US and Western Europe now supports communism and it’s violence considering they would have been the first people to be jailed/executed under Stalin’s rule.

Not only is communism completely immoral due to the scrapping of voluntary trade it also cannot work. Centralized economies are not viable because a few select people must decide the value of literally millions of products and services that they have no expertise in producing. The prices system in capitalism, however, is inherently voluntary. Don’t like a product or service? Don’t buy it. Don’t like a particular store? Don’t buy anything from it. You are contributing to the reduction of the availability of that product, service or store.

Under capitalism you are the ultimate arbiter of your own labor and are paid not only what you are worth to the market, but what you agree to with your employer. If you want to earn more and provide more for your family or do better, you work more, or obtain better skills that make you more desirable to an employer.

Under communism however, you, as a brain surgeon or rocket scientist, are paid the same as a trash-man or a gardener. It is nonsensical, it is evidently unproductive and it is scarily immoral. It led to the popular saying in Leninist Russia that goes “we pretend to work, and you pretend to pay us”. Why work more when you’re paid the same? Why aspire to be better skilled when you are paid the same?

It doesn’t work, it’s immoral, as are those who promote it and suggest it should replace capitalism in any country.



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