The real murder problem

With the recent tragedy in Las Vegas that saw crazed gunman Stephen Paddock mercilessly shower over 300 people with bullets, killing 59 and wound hundreds more, the progressive elites wasted no time in promulgating “common sense” gun control.

Problem being, when CBS news uses made-up terms like “automatic rounds” and Hillary Clinton uses the term “silencer” we can see they don’t have any common sense at all.

The gun used was not an automatic, it was a legally obtained semi-automatic which was modified with a bump-stock, which, again, is fully legal. The perpetuation of the gun control question is unsurprising to many but it is truly shocking that it requires massacres like Las Vegas to happen before the left continues their war on firearms. The sad reality is the death toll of the Las Vegas shooting happens every month in Democrat-run Chicago, with a total of 57 homicides in September 2017 alone. The average monthly death toll in Chicago 2016 alone is 63, giving it the unfortunate nickname of “Chiraq”, as it represents a death toll similar to that of the second gulf war.

It seems to be a trend that the Democrat-run firearm-controlled cities have the highest crime rates in the entire US.

The source cause of this is clearly not the guns, since almost all the murders in the US are concentrated to a very tiny contingency of areas, which just so happen to be the likes of Chicago which is majority black, and has some of the strictest gun control in the States. Obviously this isn’t cause by their race. However there are many correlations between single-parenthood and children growing up to be criminals.

The single-motherhood rate in black communities is currently sitting at over 70%, with Ireland being a close second at just over 20%. This is a staggering number. black children are being raised by single parents almost 3x more than that of Ireland which is a runner-up. Being that so many young black children are being raised by single parents, the chances of them unfortunately becoming institutionalized the culture of drug gangs, gangland violence and other illegal activities will skyrocket.

As a direct result of this, blacks commit a disproportionate number of crimes compared to their representation in the population. While they only make up 12-13% of the US population, they commit over 50% of the crime and up to 60% of the murders, with 90% of their murder victims being other blacks.

Clearly this is not an issue about guns. As we can see in the UK when guns are banned these gangs will resort to knives and acid to take out rivals that are encroaching on their territory or for whatever other arbitrary reason there may be bad blood between them. It is illogical to take guns from law-abiding citizens who mean to protect their family and their property, when the vast majority of the murders are coming from such a tiny fraction of the population, in such highly concentrated areas of the country.

We should look to try fixing the culture in which criminality and gang notoriety is being valued more than human life before trying to apply ‘band-aid’ fixes to our societal issues.



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