Are the ProudBoys alt-right?

TL:DR; no. They’re not.

Regardless of what you see from the mainstream media and even smaller news outlets the ProudBoys are simply, by definition, not alt-right. The ProudBoys do not care about race nor religion.

To illustrate this more clearly, the alt-right are generally accepted to be: anti-semitic, white supremacists/nationalists and fundamentally Christian. They are often considered far-right however their beliefs tend to fall in more with the far left national socialist ideals. To put it plainly, the alt-right do not like Jews or Israel. They are of the mindset that either whites are superior and should be putting other white people first, or that white people should be allowed a homeland to themselves. They do not want whites to breed with non-whites and they do not want non-white immigrants to be brought to the country (regardless of their values or work ethic).

In the mainstream media the alt-right has become synonymous with the KKK although the two groups have very loosely overlapping ideals, primarily being the JQ and White supremacy/separatism.

All of this is completely antithetical to being a ProudBoy, the ideals of whom pertain to supporting their country and supporting all those who relish in the

To be a ProudBoy you must be the following:

A male.

A western chauvinist.

Now the term Western Chauvinist has been warped by some very nefarious liberal elites to mean “White Chauvinist” however this is simply not true. Among the ProudBoys are members who are Black, Hispanic, Asian and Muslim (the latter being a religion, not a race of course).

To be a western chauvinist is to appreciate that the western world has brought the greatest prosperity and democracy to not only it’s citizens, but the rest of the world. The entire planet has been made better by the voluntary transactions in a free market as well as by increasing the liberty of the individual. To accuse the ProudBoys of being “racists/KKK/alt-right” is not only incorrect, it is actually evil in intent to slander a group in such a way that can be invalidated by a simple google search.

Gavin McInnes with youtuber Michael “Coppercab” Kittrell

The founder, and co-founder of Vice Media’s Gavin McInnes, is frequently lambasted as a racist with zero evidence, or “evidence” that has been deliberately taken completely out of context. For starters, he has a native American wife, and is despised by the alt-right for it. Being called a “race traitor”. He also worked with Ezra Levant of TheRebel.Media and this only stoked the flames of hatred towards him from the alt-right being that Ezra is a follower of Judaism. The ProudBoys are not a political organisation, rather a group of patriotic individuals (in many countries) who enjoy discussing various political topics, often having disagreements among themselves.

A good example of the malicious attempts from the media to juxtapose the ProudBoys with the KKK/Alt-Right at the Charlottesville rally with the help of an infiltrator and poser by the name of Jason Kessler. Gavin McInnes fervently and publicly opposed this rally and advised that no ProudBoys go, and if they did go, to at least leave behind the de-facto uniform of the black and yellow Fred Perry polo shirt and to not identify themselves officially as ProudBoys.

It has been said before, it will be said again, and doubtfully for the last time:

The Proudboys are a multi-racial and multi-national fraternal organisation. Race does not matter – ideas matter.



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