Myth debunked: Mocking the disabled

It’s mind-boggling to think we live in an age where people honestly believe the then presidential candidate of the most powerful nation on earth would openly mock a disabled reporter. If there was a morsel of truth to this, he would obviously have been routinely condemned by all sides of the political spectrum, but as with all of these “scandals”, it is a blatant lie.

The November 2015 rally which had Trump act in a comedic – albeit unusual fashion was not the first, nor would it be the last time the left-wing media cohorts would openly and brazenly slander the man. If you’ve watched any of Trump’s earlier videos and interviews, this is how Trump has portrayed many people in a “flustered” state – including himself and even a US General. He has acted out these strange motions many times before he had even dreamed of running for the position of the leader of the free world.

A great video by YouTuber orlared summarizes in one video, the many times Trump has made these unorthodox gestures. Not only has he made them many times in the past however the gesture itself did not resemble in any way the disability of the reporter Serge Kovaleski.

The beauty of the 21st century of course, is the internet. No longer must the people solely rely on mainstream media, with their own agendas and profiteers but individual research can be done into almost any subject or topic to find both sides to the story. However as we have discovered, the most staunch leftists and DNC supporters will take everything they disagree with literally – but not seriously.


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